HEPBURN SERIES- of LEDOUX LIGHTIGN-Updated version knowledgement

Know the junction temperture affects the liftetime of the LEDs.See below figure

The below figure shows the junction temperture. Most significantly, the junction temperature will affect the lifetime of LEDs and the light output. So when design the LED lighting fixture, the key factor is to solve the heat disspation from the LEDs to the whole heat sink. Every processing will be highly paid attention. How to reduce the junction temperature of LEDs and to acheive a low thermal resistance is highly advantageous in keeping temperature change to a minimum. When we design our HEPBURN SERIES, we consider all the above mention

How? we use the heat pipe technology.One materials like the below figure.

By devoting to optimize heat transfer, a key factor is to use material with a high themal conductivity to move heat away from the junction as quickly as possible.What’s this material? Like the below figure with thermal conductivity 300000W/m.k. The heat pipes are fixed by set screws and joint surfaces are filled with thermal grease for better stickness on the heat sink. Comparing with Aluminium(237W/m.k) and Copper(400W/m.k), this heat pipe is workable for heatsink-less novel design and also contributes to the minimum LEDs temperature possibility within manufacturing constraints.

The heat pipe under good heat sink working… Figure as below

We design a special heat sink with the structure to install the heat pipe, which make super speed of radiating conduction between the LEDs and the lamp housing. The high density of heat flow from the LEDs to heat sink and deliver around the air,which quickly reduce LEDs temperature and make sure long life and stable light output.

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